May 24, 2022

“Everything Goes, Not Just Cheesecake this Shavuos”

Brooklyn…“It is a Shabbos and a two-day Yom Tov which means I need everything,” was the way one manager of an independent kosher supermarket described preparations for the Shabbos followed by the two-day Shavuos holiday. put it. He had already laid out a full display of the traditional dairy products including many different cheesecakes but at the same time had plans to offer his “full complement of dishes for Shabbos including cholent, kugel and kishke.” The calendar this year is kind to kosher grocers as shoppers are preparing to celebrate the three days of a traditional Shabbos, followed by the two-day Shavuos holiday (June 5-6) which is known for the dairy meals. Some stores said that more people are buying the ingredients to make their own cheesecakes this year, “much like the Covid year.” There are numerous on-line sites that sell cheesecakes which in recent years has become a major item in holiday gift-giving. At the newly opened Evergreen kosher supermarket in Pomona, NY, it was all about the upcoming holiday of Shavuos during several days of grand opening celebrations.